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Turn Your YouTube Audience Into Paying Customers.

Your fans + Pivotshare’s platform equals serious money.

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With Pivotshare, Online Video Sales are Simple

We give you the services and the know-how to make money with your Youtube videos.

Build your brand on YouTube, build your business on Pivotshare.

  • Cha-Ching!
    More Money

    Earn More Money

    A Pivotshare view is worth whatever you charge, not fractions of a penny like on YouTube. Current YouTube publishers on Pivotshare have already made tens of thousands of dollars in just a few months.

  • Know Your Customers

    Know Who Your Fans Really Are

    Pivotshare lets you see who’s actually buying your stuff. Names, email addresses, etc. Use this info to market your media, or further communicate with your fans.

  • More Money

    Expand Your Business

    You’ve spent a ton of time and energy on YouTube - so continue building your brand and audience there. Use Pivotshare to turn your growing YouTube audience into a real business.

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Success Stories

  • Gootecks and Mike Ross

    Gootecks & Mike Ross

    With over 75,000 YouTube subscribers, Gootecks and Mike Ross are some of the most prominent personalities in online fighting games. They use Pivotshare to launch compilations of their YouTube-destined videos weeks early for their fans to rent or buy.

  • Bas Rutten

    Bas Rutten

    Internationally recognized as one of MMA’s toughest fighters, Bas Rutten also gained fame from his fight videos all over YouTube. Bas compiled his video library into a Pivotshare channel where anyone can learn to defend themselves.

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How to Make Money From YouTube Videos

  • Minute HandSecond HandEarly Release

    Sell Early Access to your Videos

    Simply release your videos on Pivotshare a few weeks in advance and charge for early access. Your fans will be happy to support you and your content because they just can’t wait another minute to watch.

  • Movie ReelLong-Form Content

    Sell Long-Form Content

    Everyone thinks of YouTube for shorter videos, but Pivotshare is for content of all types, from brief videos to movie-length projects and everything in-between.

  • ArrowDownloadable Files

    Sell Downloadable Files

    Let your fans own a piece of your work. Selling with Pivotshare means you can offer downloadable video files to your fans, and also include PDFs or MP3s.

  • CompilationsCompilationsCompilations

    Sell Compilations

    Repurpose a series or season of content by editing them together into a single file to create a more valuable purchase.

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We Only Succeed When You Do

When you use Pivotshare, you’re not just getting a video player with a sales button — you’re getting a team of people dedicated to helping you succeed.

  • No Starting Costs or Monthly Fees

    No Starting Costs & No Monthly Fees

    To begin selling your videos, it won’t cost you a dime. There’s no membership fee, no signup fee, nothing. We only make money when you make money.

  • Costanza Wallet

    You Keep 70%

    It’s about time you took home the lion’s share of revenue. You keep 70% of the prices you set yourself, and that can mean serious bucks. Get used to a full wallet.

  • We Take Care of Everything

    We Take Care of Everything

    You handle the videos and we’ll handle the rest: hosting, bandwidth, video encoding, payment collection, and even customer support. There’s almost nothing we won’t do to help.

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    Built-In Features Get You Selling, Fast

  • Purchase & Playback Everywhere

    Customers can buy and watch your videos on mobile phones, tablets, and computers. They can even stream to their Apple TVs using AirPlay.

  • Multiple Transaction Types

    Use or combine rentals, purchases + downloads, subscription or even tips to maximize your revenue.

  • Insightful Reporting

    Watch as the money rolls in using the Pivotshare Console, complete with detailed reports about what you’re selling and who you’re selling it to.

  • Socially Integrated

    Your fans can easily share your content right from the video player itself, helping to spread the word about your amazing work.

  • No Competing Content

    With Pivotshare, your videos are the center of attention. There will never be “recommended videos” potentially driving away your fan base.

  • World-Class Support

    If you or your customers have an issue, it’s our mission to solve it. Our dedicated support staff handles requests typically the same day.

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