Create Big. Collaborate Bigger.

The only online video platform that lets you easily work together to create premium subscription channels.

Why Collaborate?

It’s hard to make enough content on your own to fill up a subscription channel. Work together and thrive.

  • Exposure

    Combine audiences to expand your brand and get your videos seen by more people.

  • More Value for Your Audience

    With multiple creators uploading video to the same channel, your audience has more new content to watch every month.

  • Marketing Power

    Use the marketing strengths of each creator to build the largest audience possible for the channel.

  • Unlimited Earning Potential

    Make recurring monthly revenue and earn more than a one-time payment for your content.

  • Create Something Meaningful

    Make an impact by creating an industry-leading channel. Own your market.

How It Works

  • Create

    • Start your channel and upload your videos.
    • Invite friends, and allow others to apply to contribute their content.
    • Manage the brand and the channel, and help guide the group toward success.
  • or


    • Set up your profile and upload your videos.
    • Set your own transactional pricing, package your videos, and always maintain ownership over your content.
    • Search through existing Collaboration-enabled channels and apply to one or more.
    • After you've been accepted, gain exposure by putting your videos on more channels.


For channels with a single publisher, you sell your own content and take 70% of all revenue.

For channels with multiple publishers, that’s where things get interesting.

Collaborate with others and our patent-pending PlayRank algorithm calculates and distributes earnings for all publishers involved.

If you start the channel, you’ll keep 10% of all revenues. If you’ve contributed content and it's sold as a rental or a download, you’ll get 60% of the purchase price. We then pay 60% of all subscription income split up among contributing creators.

Standard Pivotshare Revenue-Only Split
Channel Owner’s 10% Cut of All Revenues
Remaining 60% Divided by PlayRank for Contributing Creators

Calculates publisher value based on a comprehensive set of analytics including the amount of time their videos were played back, the number of times their videos were shared on social media, the amount of traffic their videos received, and more. With Playrank, creating great content and driving traffic to the channel increases your earnings.

Start selling in just a few clicks.

Join the thousands of creators already contributing to the world’s first open subscription video network


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